We photograph and film weddings.

We’re a father (Chris) and son (Henry) team. Chris has been working as a wedding photographer for over 15 years and Henry started shooting wedding films four years ago. We live in a village in the middle of Suffolk and enjoy being part of weddings throughout the region. Chris loves taking a modern, documentary approach to wedding photography and has also been known to throw in the odd roll of black and white film photos when the occasion benefits the beautiful, organic look of traditional prints.
Meanwhile, Henry is an obsessive storyteller with his filming and will script a plan for your day which will ensure that all of the key moments are included whilst making sure that the narrative is clear and conveys the emotion of the occasion.

Fountain in the snow before a wedding at Hengrave Hall
Looking at the fountain and West Terrace at Hengrave Hall

How are we part of your wedding journey?

Your wedding is a one-off event and we want you to love what we create for you. It goes without saying that you want your photos or wedding film to ‘Wow’ you now and every time that you look at them over the coming decades.
We want you to remember us as creative, fun and considerate, but we don’t want you to remember us too much – we want to be part of the backdrop to your day: there in the background, doing what we do best, whilst you and your guests get on and celebrate!

How do we work with you?

Once you’ve contacted us, either through this website or by phone, we’ll arrange to have an initial conversation with you. As well as asking about your wedding plans (which at this point may be fairly vague) we’ll want to know about you – after all the wedding is about the two of you.
How did you meet? What made you decide to get married and who proposed to whom? By getting to know you as people we’ll be better placed to deliver the memories that will make you smile again and again.
After the initial contact, if you decide to book us for photography then we’ll follow that up with a pre-wedding photo session at a convenient date before your wedding. Also known as an engagement shoot, this is an opportunity for us to spend a bit of time together in a relaxed environment, talking through your plans and taking some informal photos. The beach at Aldeburgh or Southwold in Suffolk is a good meeting place, so why not make a weekend of it.
If you book us for a film we’ll arrange a detailed ‘walk through of the day’ meeting or phone call with you, which will allow us to plan the shots that we need and make sure that we’ve got the cameras in the right positions.