Creating a wedding film requires a slightly different skill set to that needed for photographing a wedding. Whilst both require a strong visual or compositional perception, as a photographer, it’s important to follow the scene unfolding in front of you all of the time, picking the moment that encapsulates all that you want the image to say. Making a film demands another layer of perception – that of storytelling. A great wedding film won’t just be a chronological record of your day, it will pick up on the elements that mean most to you and bring them out in the narrative.

Increasingly we’re finding that couples prefer us to deliver two different videos of their day. The first video is the ‘The Wedding Story’ which lasts around 4 minutes and picks up on all the highlights of your day. This is set to music, interspersed with dialogue and ambient sounds to create an atmospheric and emotive memory which is easily shared with family and friends.

The second film that we create for you gets to the heart of the day. It’s a record of your wedding ceremony and wedding speeches – both parts of the day that are very personal to you. We finish this film with some of your closest family and friends filmed throughout the day, talking straight to camera and sharing their good wishes and memories with you. Depending on your day, this film could last around half an hour to an hour.

In both cases, we’ll deliver your films via an online link to make it easier to share with family and friends.