I photographed the first wedding held at Hengrave Hall (in the 21st century – I’m sure they had them in the 1800’s) in August 2009 and it’s been an absolute delight to be recommended by Hengrave and the team ever since.

Here are a couple of images showing how the front of Hengrave Hall looked before the main driveway was reinstated back in 2012…

Bride and groom walking over grass towards Hengrave Hall

Image showing Hengrave Hall before the driveway was reinstated.

I’ve photographed over 150 weddings at Hengrave in the last 10 years or so – enough to get to know the venue and the awesome team well, not too many that it becomes commonplace or routine.

If your wedding’s in winter, we know when it gets dark, we know where you can put the candles in the church and there are great photo locations inside if it’s pouring with rain!

The team at the Hall are fantastic and will happily let us use the grounds for your pre-wedding photoshoot if nothing else is planned that day.